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Turner & Pennell On Tour

Ok, so my favourite time of the year has arrived. Buying season!

Madrid, February 19th.
Each year we go out to Spain to see the new collection for . We get put up in an amazing hotel, wined and dined and then the next morning visit an enormous exhibition centre with 100’s of other people (all with sore heads) to place an order of around 12 dresses. Sounds easy right? Wrong! La Sposa, spoil us with over 100 dresses all on mannequins lined up around the room. We look and critique each and every one. Sure, there are some dresses that stand out to us immediately as must haves (and must nots.) But there are always dresses that I love but Alison doesn’t and visa versa. That’s why Sophie comes with us. She casts the deciding vote. We then have to wait 6 months until they arrive.

Next Stop, Rome. March 25th.
So last year our Italian designer Nicole Spose took us to Venice. We had a whole weekend planned of sight seeing, eating fab Italian food and of course attending the gala dinner and catwalk that Nicole put on for their customers. However, all that went to ruin last year when the entire staff of T&P came down with the Norovirus. To say I was disappointed was an understatement, but I was determined to see the new collection and be one of the first shops in the country to have it. So Alison and I flew out a few days later than planned in the morning, saw the collection and flew back later that night. We did manage to get a bit of time in Venice and sped along on a water taxi through the canal system before we left though. So this year, I am not going to get ill and I am going to spend some time in Rome! (Fingers crossed). Again, it’s the same process as La Sposa, 100+ dresses on mannequins in a huge exhibition centre. And again we struggle to narrow our choices downs and will no doubt come away with too many dresses.

So make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page for sneaky peaks of the new collections.


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